Fresh from her recent visit to Istanbul, ANUSHAY KHAN was on the lookout for food that would remind her of her travels and Emirgan Sutis certainly delivered.

Emirgan Sutis is a name that almost everyone in Doha knows. Whether it is for the grandeur location at The Pearl, the sunset you witness as you dine there, or the mere fact that yours truly simply thinks that there is literally nobody out there who can live up to this place.

On what I expected to be a mildly cosy evening in Doha, I headed for an early dinner at The Pearl branch of the restaurant. The aroma of the fresh meat being BBQ’d along with the chic setting of the restaurant came together like a fairytale for me. The sun had not entirely set and the golden hour of Doha cast a light into the restaurant, reflecting the blue and gold decor of the logo in the most minimalistically chic way possible. With the weather that we have right now, who wouldn’t have selected the alfresco dining seating on this particularly beautiful evening? I would recommend you reserve a table with the chairs if you’re there for food because as comfortable as the sofas are, they’re purely for the tea-sipping party. You easily sink into the baby blue and white cushions for hours, but you’re going to find it difficult to eat with ease.

As for Turkish cuisine, one can only do justice to it if you delve into the divine combination of the mixed mezze with hot bread fresh from the oven. Where the traditional mezze were phenomenal, the cig kofte and su boregi proved to be the highlight of the first round. With its white cheese filling and a crispy textured borek to balance the taste, the su boregi was one-of-a-kind. As the beef tomato paste added an interesting flavour to the dish, I couldn’t help but wonder how underrated the cig kofte at Emirgan Sutis actually is. The traditional mix mezze was truly a masterpiece. Their well prepared delectable serving of starters were presented in an ideal quantity, the kind that that doesn’t make you too full for the next course but also ropes you back in for that ‘one last bite’ again and again. Anastasia, our server for the night, saw our love for the starters and instead of taking the leftovers back to the kitchen, simply put them on the side so that we could keep stealing bites mid-conversation.

In what was now a slightly chilly evening, the tantalising smell of perfection took over my senses and I was presented with the chef ’s selection of the main course. I would recommend everyone to come here at least once as you’ll be willing to sell your soul to these guys. The special Sutis beyti kebab grasped my attention immediately with its lavish layers of cherry tomato sauce, yogurt and the melted butter wrapped up in the classic Turkish bread, added a whole new dimension to this dish. The lamb loin, a favourite on our table, was medium-cooked, as per our request, and succulent to the point of retaining its flavour and the juicy tenderness throughout every bite. A simple sprinkle of salt on the meat and a bite of the creamed spinach proved to be a delight to our taste buds. Adding a further dynamic to this delight was the closed pide with kasar cheese – the ideal fit for this moreish meal.

 “I would recommend everyone to come here at least once as you’ll be willing to sell your soul to these guys.”

Our love for food was obvious to the extent that dessert was served in a small platter of bite-sized assorted Turkish delicacies. We experienced kazandibi, a traditional Turkish dessert that was made with chicken breast, and it had me skeptical to even touch it. With its texture and look encompassing that of a swiss roll, it was a different experience that I still wasn’t fully convinced to dive into. I would still recommend the risk-takers to give it a try. The trillice was the one that would win my vote on this table. The luxurious dessert that reminded me of a caramel pudding sat right in the pocket of my sweet-tooth.

I can easily say that this was one of the most luscious dinners I’ve ever had the privilege of experiencing. Anastasia made sure we were warm with the heater placed near us, the staff made sure that the food was served at the ideal pace, and the recommendations were off the chart for us! If you’re looking for exceptional Turkish food and glamorous surroundings, Emirgan Sutis at The Pearl Boulevard should be on top of your list.

For reservations or more information, please call 4441 3626. @sutisqa

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