Chopard showcases exquisite high-end jewellery pieces as part of the Red Carpet Collection 2023.

Swiss luxury brand Chopard annually showcases peak ingenuity and expertise in creating unique works of high jewellery art as part of the Red Carpet Collection.

Redefined each year to correspond with the Cannes Film Festival, the collection explores and brings to life exciting designs inspired by distinct themes.

The maison’s artistic director Caroline Scheufele chose art as the main source of inspiration for the 2023 edition of the Red Carpet Collection. Caroline designed 76 haute joaillerie masterpieces for the film festival’s 76th year that take influence and explore seven different art mediums – architecture, sculpture, painting, music, literature, dance and cinema.

These seven noble art forms were celebrated through fascinating works reflecting Scheufele’s boundless curiosity. The prominent place she occupies in the creative world, her prolific travels and the artists she encounters continually hone her vision and open up vast realms of inspiration that she brilliantly reinterprets through these treasures.

Mingling her creativity with age-old jewellery-making expertise passed down from generation to generation in the Chopard workshops, the Red Carpet Collection brings a whole range of emotions to the red carpet.

The brilliance of the collection is evident throughout. Putting sculpture in the spotlight is a ring boasting a 127-carat central yellow sapphire supported by a group of antique-style gold sculptures carved in gold on a shank set with brilliant-cut diamonds.

A stunning necklace featuring diamond and sapphire feathers skilfully crafted to form gossamer-light volutes, signifyies an ode to literature and a tribute to authors.

Dance is represented by a necklace and matching pair of earrings featuring diamond corollas gracefully evoking the dainty flutter of ballerinas’ tutus.

A Fairmined-certified ethical white gold choker delicately set with briolette-cut diamonds celebrates music through its various rows of gemstones tracing the lines of a musical score.

The play on colour in a butterfly ring, an insect often depicted in the decorative arts to symbolise the ephemeral nature of life, appears to recall the play on colours and forms mastered by painters.

Architecture is interpreted through an elegant tanzanite necklace distinguished by its clean-cut symmetry and carefully studied proportions. Finally, celebrating cinema, a favourite art form for Chopard is expressed through a moon pendant, subtly hinting at the darkness without which it is impossible to fully immerse oneself in the emotions of a feature film.


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