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After a night hosting you all on her six inch heels, our local editor ANUSHAY TAIMUR KHAN booked herself a much-needed massage at SPA INTERCONTINENTAL..


I am no stranger to the beautiful InterContinental Doha as it hosts a few of my favourite restaurants. With its stunning beach views and a fantastic seat for taking in the Doha skyline, how could one not be in love with this hotel?

In the past whilst people were busy travelling all over the world for summer vacation, the Mr and I took a much needed break and visited Spa InterContinental to get away from the busy city and just find some peace for the two of us.

This visit, however, was a bit different for me. Not only was I here to be saved from the stress of the 6 months of planning for the Ohlala Spa & Wellness awards, I was also at the recent winner of Ohlala Qatar’s recent Favourite Resort Spa award. My body had absolutely given up on me and even an eight hour sleep the night before did not freshen me up. As much as I loved going around the ceremony, I could feel the muscles on my shins tightening up due to the hours of dancing in those heels that ensued. I will never be able to choose comfort over fashion at any event that I host, and that my friends, will always be the tragedy of an editor’s life. I love the fact that the new InterContinental Doha lobby has all the glamour one could possibly ask for. It is an absolute treat to be able to walk in this grandeur of a hotel by the main entrance and just feel that luxurious vibe instantly set in. The spa waited for me with its calming music and soothing pink lights, which eventually changed to tones of blues and greens, and I felt the familiar feeling of tranquility instantly.

“With the Spa InterContinental team, you just know that you will wholeheartedly be taken care of.”

With the Spa InterContinental team, you just know that you will wholeheartedly be taken care of. As always, I was looked after the minute I said hello and sashayed to my locker for a quick change. Now, let’s get real for a minute. I do get that there are a majority of petite body’s out there and I need to applaud this hotel for keeping robes and garment sizes for women who have plumper bodies too! I never feel like I am in a battle with my change of clothes here and that says A LOT about hospitality for me. It’s all in the details, guys! I was introduced to Tatima, my therapist (and guardian angel) for the treatment, who started the process with a scrub and floral scented water for my feet. Conversation flowed easily and I think Tatima saw how tired I was and basically set me up for a nap during the massage. I am always torn between the choices of oils that I choose because I love the blossoming garden aroma as well as the calming lavender. On this particular day, the chamomile scent had my attention and I was at the fence with the orange blossom oil as well. Tatima, being the Queen that she is, offered to mix both scents for my pleasure, something I had never actually considered doing. And, off I went. The comfortable massage tables at Spa InterContinental deserve a special mention because the adjustable arm space, which actually is a big help for anyone with sinus issues, makes this entire position easier to breathe in.

As the knots and ties of the night left my body under Tatima’s expert swift moves, I simply closed my eyes to enjoy the subtle music in the background, with very dim pink light surrounding me as I was blessed with this heavenly one hour. Light pressure, muscle tensions released, a snoring Anushay; yep, we had it all this fine day!

For reservations and more information, please call 4484 4060 @intercontinentaldoha

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