Gallery Al Tawash debuts the “Aisha Collection” at the Doha Jewellery and Watches Exhibition 2024

Gallery Al Tawash is proud to announce the debut of the Aisha Collection, named after its curator, Mrs. Aisha Hussain Alfardan, during the Doha Jewellery and Watches Exhibition 2024, in honour of the 70th anniversary of Alfardan Jewellery. Gallery Al Tawash is the second in-house brand of Alfardan Jewellery, drawing from the rich pearling heritage of Qatar.

The Aisha Collection embodies the narratives of resilience and opulence from Qatar’s history. The Alfardan family’s legacy in pearling spans generations, renowned for their courage and skill in sourcing pearls from the waters of the Arabian Gulf.  Today, this heritage is proudly continued through Gallery Al Tawash. The family gallery honours the historic term for pearl merchants in Arabic, and serves as a sanctuary for one of the world’s most extensive collections of unique natural pearls.

Gallery Al Tawash, previously a hidden gem exclusive to special guests, has now introduced a ready-to-wear jewellery line. Each piece in this new collection not only preserves the region’s pearl heritage but also aligns with contemporary trends attractive to youth.

Mrs. Aisha Hussain Alfardan, remarking on her collection’s launch, said, “The purpose of this collection was not just unveiling exquisite jewellery, but it was also about reviving our pearl diving legacy through designing elegant and contemporary pieces that will connect us to our roots.”

The Aisha Collection also honours Qatar’s deep-rooted pearl diving heritage, showcasing meticulously designed jewellery that embodies elegance. Each pearl reflects the nation’s history, weaving Qatar’s past into timeless pieces that its wearers will surely don with confidence.

Commenting on the Aisha Collection, Mr. Hussain Ibrahim Alfardan, Chairman of Alfardan Group, said, “Pearls are known for their toughness and endurance have withstood the test of time, mirroring the resilient spirit of Qatar’s history. Just as they have endured through the ages, we hope their significance and presence will continue to linger and be embraced and carried by the new generation.”

Discover Gallery Al Tawash pieces at the 20th edition of Doha Jewellery & Watches Exhibition to be held at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Centre from February 5 to11, 2024. 

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