A New Bag to LOVE

Louis Vuitton is revisiting one of its most iconic creations – the GO-14.

A Louis Vuitton handbag is an object of desire and the GO-14 bag is unique in the brand’s history of leather goods. It was one of Nicolas Ghesquière’s first designs, from where the coded name was chosen: Ghesquière October 2014, the date it first appeared on the runway for the debut of the Women’s Artistic Director at Louis Vuitton.

The design is re-emerging in 2023, highlighting its unique characteristic: the malletage pattern. Malletage is a refined technique used on the interior of historical trunks. It creates crisscrossing pads, resulting in a graphic diamond shape. The purpose of this padded design was to keep documents in their place regardless of the twists and turns of the journey. Nicolas Ghesquière rediscovered this Louis Vuitton innovation and featured it in his first collection, reawakening and revealing this invisible luxury: “There are some universal codes that exist solely in Louis Vuitton. It was about reappropriating and transposing them into a new setting,” he explained.

Today, the GO-14 is a generous, sensual, padded lambskin bag. It is covered in this bouncy, infinitely soft malletage with over stitching highlighting the design’s curves and cushiony feel. It comes in every shade, from the starkest black and white to the diluted, nuanced, toasted shades that reveal the subtleties of its texture.

The GO-14 is a versatile bag that can be worn in many different ways to match every woman’s mood: on or over the shoulder with its new jewel chain as supple as a gold necklace; on the arm or handheld, as the chain can also be doubled thanks to a brand new groove system – like two precious commas. Finally, a handle reaffirms the bag’s position as a classic. The GO-14 exudes sophistication at all times.


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