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Picturesque Parisa

Picturesque Parisa

Picturesque Parisa

Picturesque Parisa

OHLALA’s Lindsey Steenkamp celebrates friendship and flavour at the beautiful new Parisa outlet at Al Messila, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, Doha.

The extravagantly designed Parisa Al Messila offers a pocket of calm luxury conveniently located amidst the hustle and bustle of Doha. A bountiful bouquet of colours and flavours awaits your discerning palate at the contemporary, yet chic Parisa – cradled in the heart of Al Messila resort.

Opening with big, lavish wooden doors, the neatly and well-presented staff are welcoming and friendly. The interior is captivating and expresses minimalism, elegant opulence, and a pastiche of Persian culture. Spilling from the foyer there are multiple private rooms, and you can even choose to sit outside on the airy terrace. To start the spread, we are served with both cold and warm appetisers comprising of platters of salads and crackling fresh breads with an array of cheeses and dips.

The Salad-e-Bademjan, fried eggplant served with creamy yogurt, stands out for me with the smoky flavours. Zeytoon Parvardeh, which is green olives mixed with crushed walnut, aromatic herbs and pomegranate sauce, proves to be a new favourite of mine. This comes as no surprise, as I love both olives and pomegranate. The appetisers are all elegantly presented with edible flowers, pistachio dusting and pomegranate seeds. My guest finishes the Soup Emorgh in record time and I am told it is excellent. Parisa also boasts an interesting menu of mocktails, artisan teas and special beverages. Energetic mixologist, Luis recommends some of his special concoctions and they are as interesting and complex as the concept of this Persian dream.

My favourite is the Saffron Sharbat, a signature saffron cordial, rose cordial and lime juice. The chef arrives with our mains, a mixed grill of five versions of kababs, including beef tenderloin marinated overnight in yogurt; lamb skewer; chicken with lime, saffron and onion; and succulent lamb chops marinated in onion and black pepper served with wild Zereshk barberries and saffron-flavoured basmati rice. Alongside this I savour the Mast-o-khiar (whipped yogurt) it’s very similar to Tzatziki, comprised of walnuts, raisins, cucumber, and dried mint which is great for dipping your meat and breads into. All the meat is extremely tender and packed with flavour. We round off the meal with another special mocktail. This time I try the Sharbat-e-Sekanjebin, a wonderfully refreshing drink made with grated cucumber and a signature mint cordial that has a mild citrus touch. It’s impossible to think that I can even consider having dessert, but once the food settles my insatiable sweet tooth takes control. I am told that the famous Faloudeh Shirazi will win my heart, and it does.

A Persian sorbet made with Persian saffron ice cream served on top of frozen vermicelli, lime, rose water, and a sour cherry sauce, dusted with pistachio. It is a fresh and delectable dessert with many flavours to savour. Another dessert worth mentioning is the Shole Zard, an interesting saffron rice pudding served with pistachio and almond. After an impromptu photoshoot for Instagram, I am super impressed with my server’s patience and assistance taking some memorable shots for me.

This highly recommended food destination is one of the top ‘Intsagrammable’ must snaps. With great service, enticing food and a heart-stopping interior, Parisa will change your perception of Persian dining forever.

For reservations and more information, please call Parisa Al Messila on 4445 0000.

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