What Exactly is ‘Me Time’?

Miss Ohlala lingers over how to make time for yourself and how to do it effortlessly.

A busy schedule and insufficient time in a day is something that lots of us deal with on a daily basis. You might be a stay-at-home mum with lots of chores on your hands (and probably carrying the frustration of not building your career at the moment), or you can work many hours in a day and you might feel that there is never time for yourself. However, the burden of taking time for yourself is also real. It seems like another item to be added to your already long to-do list. To make you feel better about this ‘task’, we discovered that there are many hidden moments where it happens and easy to embrace opportunities to create ‘me time’ without putting in much effort:

  • Pamper Yourself! Do you know that hairdresser appointment to fix your roots so you look polished for that important meeting? Extend it and enjoy a 30-minute massage. It won’t add much extra time and still significantly impacts your well-being.
  • Say Yes! Accept more last-minute invites from friends. It is very tempting to stay in the comfort of your home after a long day or week. However, seeing friends for an impromptu get-together will improve your mental health and reduce stress.
  • Say No! Don’t be afraid to say no to things you don’t like; this will free up some time to do what you really enjoy. Don’t like going to a particular restaurant? Say no next time an invite comes. It is relevant to say that this is, unfortunately, not applicable to job-related matters.
  • Do Nothing! We know this can be a controversial topic as many experts disagree with this attitude, but take one hour of your day and do absolutely nothing. You can scroll through social media channels, play with your pet, watch a mindless TV show or even just contemplate the void. The time is yours; don’t worry about judgements on what you do with it, and most importantly, no guilt!

Can you think of other non-cliche, easy ways to improve overall well-being? Tell us more about it by emailing us at editor@ohlala-magazine.com
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