We talk about the importance of uplifting other women and all things beauty with entrepreneur SAMIA ALSALEH

“Believe me nothing works better for Qatar’s females’ skin and hair other than our own plants and herbs.”

As Owner and Founder of Organique you are able to empower so many females throughout the beauty industry as they walk through your eponymous doors. Tell us why this is so important to you and your role.
One of the important beliefs that I have is when I started this business to create a space for other ladies to enjoy, to empower and influence because I believe that women should empower each other. Creating a business is something beautiful, it is attached to sending a message to others or helping others to open doors or create their own dreams. It’s not about business at the end, but it’s about the small touches and the impact you have made into others’ lives.

You’ve previously told us that you’re inspired undoubtedly as a collective from your Mother, Grandmother and Aunty. How have they strengthened your position as a strong female in Qatar. What did they do to help you through your personal journey?
I believe that the GCC and Qatar especially have its own heritage and culture. We have a rich past in cosmetics and beauty and now we must build a future noteworthy of that past. This is the main reason I decided to use my grandmother and mother’s natural remedies to create Organique and my SA by Samia cosmetics line. Believe me nothing works better for Qatar’s females’ skin and hair other than our own plants and herbs.

We are all for lifting other women up and fixing each other’s crowns, how do you embrace this mantra and make sure that every woman that walks through Organique’s doors leaves happy.
It’s all about the confidence with which you help others . When the female is confident enough nothing can stop her from achieving her dreams. No one can put an empowered woman down whatever problems that she may have faced because confidence is naturally within, resulting in the better version of her.

We are all for showing appreciation to our loved ones through advice or a gift. Tell us which of your services or products you would recommend that every woman should try.
I will recommend all my products and services because it reflects my personality, my intelligence and how I am confidently beautiful inside and out. When it comes to most I would go for SA hair spa, it’s a complete journey of relaxation and allows you to take care of your most important feature, which is the ladies crown (her hair). It’s time for everybody to escape from their everyday routine and just take time to take care of herself, body, mind, hair and soul.

Knowledge is power. What challenge have you overcome as a female and what advice would you share on account of this experience?
To be an independent business woman walking out of the social box will create some challenges for the ladies in our society. Always remember not to let anyone discourage your ambition. You don’t need a fan club to achieve your goals, be your own motivation. A successful woman is one who can build a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at her.


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