The British jewellers, Garrard are celebrating 20 years of the Wings collection with the launch of Wings Rising – a new chapter in this iconic line.

Representing a new era for the collection, Wings Rising is a significant evolution for this signature motif, launched in 2003.

Conceived by Garrard’s all-female design team to speak confidently, woman to woman, Wings Rising takes the quintessential line in an exciting new direction. “The Wings collection has been a Garrard icon for 20 years, and that is cause for celebration. Wings Rising is the boldest representation of the Wings motif yet,” said Sara Prentice, Garrard’s Creative Director.

The new designs have been redefined with pieces that emanate tenacity and empower women to rise, fuelled by the force of their own wings. Different from any Wings designs that have come before, these creations add a brand-new identity for this dynamic motif with a bold and free expression. With their graphic, ultra-modern silhouettes, the new models take on a fresh symbolism that represents attributes women value in themselves: strength, independence and freedom.

Garrard’s designers have updated the lifelike swoop of the original jewels to trace an abstract shape with clean lines and angular feathers. They also wanted to introduce hardstones into the Wings universe and create a brand-new signature. They have used lapis lazuli shining with golden flecks of naturally occurring pyrite and pink opal alongside more unusual stones such as apple malachite decorated with a polka-dot pattern, golden mother-of-pearl and out-of-this-world meteorites. To capture the movement of a wing in the most unexpected of ways, they experimented with faceting the different hardstones – a technique usually reserved for gemstones.

Three limited-edition Wings Rising jewels have been created with rare slices of faceted, metallic grey Gibeon meteorite. Not of this world, this billion-year-old natural wonder from space is believed to have crash-landed on Earth in prehistoric times. Because of its naturally occurring crystalline structure, the criss-crossing patterns are unique in each limited-edition jewel.

Other statement Wings Rising pieces are set with angular calibré cut diamonds. The slider pendant and earrings are crafted to deliver subtle articulation, while the ring swoops across two fingers, echoing the original Wings classic design. Mini jewels in polished 18-carat white, yellow or rose gold complete the Wings Rising collection.

“Jewellery is one of the most joyful forms of self-expression, and Wings Rising embodies that truth. It lifts you up and gives you the freedom to fly,” concluded Sara.

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