The latest edition of Boucheron’s Histoire de Style Collection, The Power of Couture, takes inspiration from ceremonial attire featuring medals, buttons, embroideries and aiguillettes adorned with rock crystal and diamonds.

Creative Director Claire Choisne revisits the couture heritage of the maison’s founder Frédéric Boucheron, whose father worked as a draper in Paris, taking an innovative approach to the concept of ceremonial ornaments to create 24 High Jewellery pieces that deconstruct the symbols of power.


Medals are featured in a circle of 15 pendants forming a necklace in white gold, rock crystal and diamonds. The maison’s artisans shaped 15 crystal blocks – each cut to fit the piece – in such a way that their streaks perfectly resemble the grosgrain texture of a ribbon. These were then carved according to the principle of glyptic art. Two medallions, edged with diamonds, detach to be worn as brooches. The necklace is completed by a pair of clip earrings and two rings.


Crafted to resemble the high, tight-fitting collar often seen on ceremonial costumes, this piece is inspired by a tiara the maison produced in the 1900s. Its lace-like design may be worn in various ways and a pair of matching earrings boasts 662 round diamonds.


This set pays tribute to the bow with a play on texture and light, the matte effect of frosted rock crystal coupled with the sparkle of diamonds giving the appearance of grosgrain ribbon. The necklace is made up of 435 frosted baguette-cut rock crystals and the edges and interior of the grosgrain bow are set with diamonds, including a pear-shaped F VVS2 diamond of 4.05 carats. The necklace can be worn in six different ways, and the bow can also be transformed into a brooch or shoulder adornment. Moreover, the central stone may be mounted on a ring as a solitaire. Two other rings complete the set.


Reinterpreting the chevron pattern of knitwear, this necklace is designed like a rock crystal knit, with each material individually sand-blasted and linked on nitinol cables to form a five-strand choker. Interspersed with diamond-set links, the choker is decorated with a button paved with baguette diamonds, round diamonds and rock crystal. It is adorned with a round D VVS2 diamond of 2.01 carats and coordinates with a cuff set with a round D VVS1 diamond of 1.02 carats.


Claire Choisne has created a set of 15 white gold buttons with diamonds and rock crystals that can be worn as hair ornaments, buttonholes or tie pins. The set also features a ring in frosted rock crystal set with a D VVS2 diamond of 4.63 carats and a pair of ear pendants.


Shoulder epaulettes are revisited in diamond spirals inspired by a diadem crafted in 1902 for Mary De Teck, Princess of Wales. In white gold paved with diamonds, they can transform into a pair of bracelets. The design also appears on a modern white gold tiara set with round diamonds and coordinates with matching ear pendants.


This reinterpretation of the aiguillette is a braided white gold, rock crystal and diamond necklace that may be worn in many ways. Two brooches and a frosted rock crystal bracelet can be detached from it and worn separately. The neo-Art Deco necklace is set with a round E VVS2 diamond of 2.11 carats and splits into two brooches. A coordinating pair of pendant earrings in diamond-paved rock crystal to be worn long or short.


Embroideries take the form of the fern, a plant that Frédéric Boucheron adored. Entirely paved with diamonds on a white gold frame, the two leaves can be worn as brooches or hair pieces thanks to an ingenious polyvalent fastening system. To complement the look, the studio created a white gold and diamond fern tiara, as well as two matching pairs of earrings.

For more information, please visit the boutique at Lagoona Mall or call 4422 5536.

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