A spa day is a fantastic self-care moment, but it gets even better when accompanied by your significant other. Bianca Apps enjoyed a couple’s Hammam session at Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara.

It is no secret that as you dock at Banana Island’s jetties, you are greeted with one of Qatar’s most iconic pieces of architecture. The walk towards the Welcome Centre at the resort is said to make you feel that you have magically teleported onto a dreamy holiday island of white sandy beaches and golden sunsets. Our arrival invoked precisely that. The warm and friendly staff welcomed us with claps and cheers, and Cindy Beyers, the Anantara Spa & Wellness Manager, promptly ushered us to our golf carts. We hopped aboard and set off to our eagerly awaited couple’s treatment at the award-winning retreat.

As the palm trees and long golden stretches of beach passed by, Cindy filled us in on some details about Banana Island. We were pleasantly surprised to learn of the island’s fantastic and expansive activities for everyone, ranging from the recently re-opened Q-ONE, the resort’s floating outdoor hubbly-bubbly lounge, to their famous surf pool experience. Sitting on the back of the golf cart, whizzing through lush tropical foliage, it truly felt like we could have been on a farflung island in the Maldives or Seychelles.

Upon driving into the spa entrance, we were cordially greeted and offered cool towels and refreshing cold water with delicious dates and warm almonds. The lobby was impressive and welcoming, with deep earthy tones and lush greenery, exuding a feeling of wellness and tranquillity.

Cindy helped us with our new client forms and told us that we were being treated to the exclusive Golden Delights couples’ treatment, a Moroccan Hammam consisting of an exotic goldinfused mask and argan oil body wash. We were so excited, as Cindy made it sound like heaven; she wasn’t wrong.

We were then conducted through a lush courtyard that felt like a portal to a different realm of peace and tranquillity, transporting us to the grand Hammam reserved for the couples’ treatments. The space was composed of changing rooms, a lounging area, showers, bathrooms, a sauna, a steam room and a Jacuzzi that opened up to another garden, all to be enjoyed upon setting foot inside.

After changing into the rich, fluffy robes and comfortable slippers, we were greeted by our two therapists, who guided us to the Hammam bathing and ritual area. The space was breathtaking. With a gentle, soothing light and calming atmosphere, it felt like stepping into a Moroccan paradise, a peaceful haven of marble, blue and white tiles and a magnificent central fountain accompanied by the soothing sounds of bubbling water.

We were invited to indulge in a relaxing soak in the large pool that dominated the room and chill while our therapists prepared the steamed areas. After rinsing off the pool water in the steamy showers, our therapists applied a rich eucalyptus and black salt blend referred to as Savon Beldi (Moroccan black soap). The fragrant blend was uber-aromatic and awakened my senses, promoting deep breaths and serenity. With the product on our bodies, we were escorted to the steam room, where we relaxed and drank cool water. After around 10 minutes, we were asked to lie down on the warm and surprisingly comfortable marble beds. At this point, the therapists poured litres of warm water over us from beautiful golden bowls. This was a new experience for both of us and one I thoroughly enjoyed. The soothing trickling sounds, paired with the weight and pressure of the water, felt like it was washing away the stress and worries of everyday life.

Then came the loofahs to remove dead skin and promote healthy new skin growth. These were amazing; I felt like I had brand new skin after this! The therapists then gently applied a gold-infused body mask, smooth and creamy in texture. The movements were so light that, in fact, we were both so relaxed that we drifted off briefly. While the mask was soaking in, we had our hair washed and we were treated to an express facial massage. This was a beautiful touch and elevated the whole experience. These bonus treatments were followed by the last rinse in the stunning waterfall-style showers and it was sadly time to dry off and get dressed.

As we exited the Hammam facility and walked back through the beautiful gardens, leaving a little piece of paradise behind us, we felt so rejuvenated, relaxed and energised; ready to continue our island adventure!

The Golden Delights couples’ treatment was an amazing and unique experience that left us in extreme awe and redefined our ideas of Hammam. The quality of the products used, the outstanding and friendly service, along with the world-class, five-star facilities were genuinely exceptional. We are eager to return as soon as possible to try the many other treatments on their expansive and impressive menu.

For more information, please call Anantara Spa & Wellness at Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara at 4040 5158.

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