In a captivating dialogue during DJWE with Cecily Morris, who oversees all brand content, visual merchandising and social media, we explored the DNA of David Morris and what makes it truly unique.

OHLALA – Jewellery has been part of your life since birth, as your grandfather, David Morris, founded the brand. How would you describe your relationship with jewellery and gems? Can you imagine your life without them?
Cecily Morris –
Jewellery has been a part of my life since birth, due to the brand’s rich heritage that my grandfather (David Morris) founded in 1962. Despite initially pursuing photography, I found myself drawn back to the brand, where I fell in love with it. Growing up seeing my grandfather and father (Jeremy Morris) in the workshops, I guess it was only natural. Nearly a decade later, it’s more than just a profession; it’s a lifelong passion. Imagining life without gems and jewellery is impossible; maybe when I was younger, I could not understand how remarkable all this was, but now I can’t imagine anything else.

OHLALA – Can you tell us a bit about David Morris? What makes it unique?
Cecily –
What makes David Morris truly unique is our unwavering commitment to hand-selecting the finest gemstones in the world. Unlike many others in the industry, we begin our creative process by seeking out the most unusual rare stones available, like the Paraiba tourmalines. My father, who is deeply passionate about this aspect of our work, personally hunts them, ensuring that each piece we create is adorned with the most exquisite gems. We source gemstones from around the globe, all the way from Geneva to Hong Kong. Our sustainability efforts are also noteworthy, as we often repurpose our old pieces (that we find at auctions), giving them new life in our creations.

OHLALA – What is the creative process like?
Cecily –
The creative process is a dynamic collaboration between my father, our design team and our design studios. When my father selects the gemstones, he already has a design direction in mind, knowing what pieces he wants to create, whether it’s a necklace, bracelet or ring. He then brings these ideas to our design teams and provides them with a brief, asking for their input and ideas. There’s always a clear direction regarding a specific client in mind. Our designers are familiar with our clients’ portfolios, allowing them to tailor each piece to complement and enhance their existing collections. They then draw upon their individual styles and expertise to bring these concepts to life, ensuring that each piece is not only visually stunning but also reflects the unique tastes and preferences of our clients. With three designers on our team, each with their own distinct style, you can really see the diversity and creativity that goes into our creations. While many of our pieces are crafted at our flagship store in London, we also collaborate with specialist workshops worldwide, such as those in Switzerland and France, to bring our designs to fruition.

OHLALA – How do you tell the brand story? What do you want people to see or feel?
Cecily –
Telling the brand story is more than just showcasing exquisite jewellery; it’s about evoking emotion and creating connections. While some may perceive the process as technical, we believe it’s deeply emotional. Each gemstone carries its own unique characteristics, but the true challenge lies in connecting it to an emotion that resonates with our clients. Whether it’s a wedding, christening or birthday celebration, our jewellery is meant to convey the right emotions for both the giver and the recipient. From a sales perspective, we curate each exhibition with a specific client in mind, ensuring that every piece speaks to their individual story and desires. Our collections are more than just a compilation of pieces; they’re intricate storylines waiting to be explored. From architecture-inspired designs to collections named after natural wonders like Skye, inspired by the Aurora Borealis, each piece tells a tale of inspiration and creativity. Whether you’re drawn to our designs or captivated by the allure of our gemstones, our goal is to create jewellery that resonates with you on a deeply personal level.

OHLALA – What, in your opinion, defines a timeless jewel?
In my opinion, what defines a timeless jewel is its ability to transcend time and remain beautiful for generations to come. It’s something that people search for, a piece of jewellery that will retain its beauty forever. We believe that the combination of exceptional design and exquisite gemstones is what truly makes a jewel timeless. But I also feel that the brand’s name is important as well. We’ve got clients who have been loyal to us for generations; they trust Mr Morris and our salespersons.

OHLALA – What is your favourite gem?
Cecily –
My favourite gem is the Paraiba tourmaline; they are very different from the rest. For my 30th birthday, my father designed a unique ring with it that represents me so well – fun, youthful and genuinely electric.

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