Deep cleanse and hydration met Laura Morris’ complexion at ESPA, Mondrian Doha.

I have long pondered over the words I could use to describe ESPA at Mondrian Doha, which would best capture its essence: whimsical, tranquil and immersive came to mind. However, I think I’ll settle with extraordinary. When entering the space, it seemed as if I was stepping into an alternative realm, transcending the mundane and embarking on an odyssey of pure serenity and revelation. The spa is an opulent sanctuary where the interplay of space and illumination unveils an oasis of respite.

Like stepping through Alice’s looking glass or jumping into a chalk painting from a scene in Mary Poppins, I pushed through the ornate wooden doors of the magical wonderland spa, and I was immediately transported into a world of enchantment and luxury. The first thing that caught my eye was the stunning rose mosaic floors that sprawl across the expansive space – their intricate patterns captivated me with their beauty. It felt like I had entered a secret garden filled with the vibrant colours and fragrant scents of blooming roses. I next discovered the crystal showers, set against a wall of glistening gems, each delivering a refreshing cascade of water that sparkled in the soft light. Suspended from the ceiling by delicate chains, hanging seats beckoned me to sit and sway gently. I could almost imagine myself soaring, free from the worries and stresses of the outside world! How was I in a busy city only minutes before? Moving forward, I found myself in the heart of the spa. A chamber that seems to have been plucked right out of a fairytale is a giant pearl room, which is a sight to behold. As I ventured further into this paradise, my eyes were drawn to the day beds overlooking the water. They are dressed with pristine white cushions and are so inviting that it’s impossible to resist sinking into their soft embrace! I stayed there for a moment to take it all in. Before my treatment started, I also made good use of the facilities; I went to the steam room to calm my mind after a busy day.

My therapist, Rabina, introduced herself and guided me towards my treatment room. I was booked for the Dermalux Facial, designed to repair and revitalise the skin in a non-invasive way. The procedure uses light therapy fused with the remarkable prowess of ESPA’s natural skincare products. Rabina was very knowledgeable about the process and products and talked to me about how my skin would feel and look after my 90-minute session. The treatment commenced once I was comfortable on the bed and, as facials often do, it started with a cleanse. Rabina applied the Tri-Active Resilience Detox and Purify Cleanser, and I was immersed in a luxurious sensory experience. Like a nurturing caress, the lush, silky texture transforms into a lipid-rich oil, removing the day’s impurities. The scent, a delightful blend of Orpin rose extract and neroli oil, awakened my senses. This ritual felt more than just cleansing; it was a nurturing shield against environmental challenges.

Once my freshened face was rinsed, a UV-light device was used to analyse my skin type. I found this fascinating; for the first time, I was being comprehensively consulted on the complexities of my skin and the differences in key areas. Rabina used this information to formulate a plan for the remainder of my facial, deciding which ESPA products would serve me best and leave me with the ultimate result – such a personalised touch. For the next stage, exfoliation, ESPA Refining Skin Polish. I could sense the exfoliator’s super-fine texture, gently clearing my pores and removing impurities. The massage felt like a soothing dance and, when it was rinsed, my skin was already feeling smoother, revealing a more radiant complexion. The soft scent came from rose Damascena and shea butter. I learned quickly that the ESPA products all smell delightfully natural.

At this stage of the facial, a steam machine was used to open my pores to be thoroughly cleaned and more stubborn impurities removed. This was one of the highlights; a deep clean was my focus, and Rabina worked hard to remove even the toughest of blocked pores. During the process, she made sure I was not uncomfortable. To treat my skin after this step and to add much-needed hydration, she applied the Overnight Hydration Therapy, which comes in the form of a mask, delicately spreading it before the LED light treatment began. The mask’s luxurious formula glided effortlessly, leaving my face feeling cocooned in a blanket of replenishment and radiance. The experience was not just about the physical touch but also the aromatic embrace. The comforting scents of cedarwood and lavender added an extra layer of relaxation. As the mask worked its magic, I was treated to an indulgent foot massage.

The final part of my treatment included another cleanse plus toning and moisturising. The crowning jewel to end my facial treatment was the Tri-Active Resilience Pro-Biome Serum, which embraced my skin. The serum boasts a blend of potent natural ingredients that aim to leave the complexion with a new-found radiance. My skin came back to life with a sense of renewed resilience and vitality. It was the perfect conclusion to a facial, leaving me with a feeling of restored beauty and strength.

As I emerged from the experience, I instantly noticed my skin purified, soothed and calmed with moisture. This indulgent facial experience was nothing short of extraordinary, with visible enhancements to my skin health unfolding before my eyes. My newly restored complexion and I won’t be able to resist another session soon!

For more information or to make a booking,
please call ESPA at Mondrian Doha on 4045 5550 or
email espa.doha@mondrianhotels.com

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