It’s no secret that Mercedes-Benz has been actively expanding its EQ range, recently adding its first all-electric premium SUV to its ever-growing list of battery-powered creations. Thanks to the team at Nasser Bin Khaled Mercedes-Benz, OHLALA recently had the opportunity to test drive this new high-end model.


The first time we laid eyes on the 2023 EQS SUV, we were struck by its highly innovative design. Emphasis has been placed on functionality and aerodynamics, combined with avant-garde aesthetics. We felt the result to be an unmistakably purposeful design reflected by its dynamic proportions, generously modelled surfaces, reduced joints and seamless transitions.

The first element to demand our attention at the front end was the Black Panel unit. This combination of several front features, including the digital lights, is connected by a light band and the deep black radiator grille that come together to form the face.

From side on, the aerodynamic efficiency of the exterior design became even more apparent. Gently tracing our hands along the surface, we appreciated the round front end that flows dynamically over the steeply raked A-pillar and the roof contour to the rear spoiler. We recognised how the C-pillar’s far back positioning accentuated the generous interior and admired the three-dimensional chrome strip framing the side window surfaces.

Shifting our focus to the back end, we were impressed at how seamlessly the tailgate merges into the bumper, along with the elaborately designed interior of the LED lights. The elements of the taillights have the shape of a curved 3D helix and, combined with the light band, result in an unmistakable light signature.


Tearing our collective attention away from the captivating nature of the exterior, we slipped into the cabin to be greeted by an equally stunning interior. Initially grabbing our attention was the luxurious nature of the SUV, in part due to the premium materials used throughout. Equally as impressive to us was the abundance of space on offer. Due to its generous dimensions, the EQS provides ample head, shoulder, elbow and leg room in both the front and rear with seating for up to five occupants to travel in ultimate comfort. We were informed that among the numerous optional extras available for the EQS SUV is a third-seat row, with two additional individual seats that fold up from the load floor.

“Emphasis has been placed on functionality and aerodynamics, combined with avant-garde aesthetics.”

Additionally, the sizeable luggage compartment offers 645 litres of storage space, a capacity increased to 880 litres with the electronically adjustable second row moved forward and 2,100 litres with the rear seating folded flat.


The EQS SUV houses the second-generation Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX). This system, with its adaptive software, sports a zero-layer design, meaning it wasn’t necessary for us to scroll through submenus or give voice commands. Depending on the immediate situation, applications were offered on the top level in the field of view, thereby relieving us of numerous operating steps.

We also must mention the premium infotainment system imbued with artificial intelligence (AI), capable of delivering context-sensitive awareness. We found this intuitive system easy to operate via the upgraded ‘Hey Mercedes’ voice assistant.

Although we appreciated many internal features, including the Dolby Atmos immersive sound system and the optional Head-Up Display, the MBUX Hyperscreen was hands down our favourite internal component of the EQS.

This expansive and curved unit looks like something out of a spaceship, stretching almost from A-pillar to A-pillar. It consists of three displays merging almost seamlessly into one another to create an impressive screen band over 141cm wide. We discovered this feature offers intuitive touch operation with haptic and force feedback.

Despite the wide-ranging functionality of this AI-driven feature, it was its ability to change the inner mood of the car that impressed us the most. There are several moods to select from, all offering an immersive experience. For example, when selecting the forest setting, all inner lighting of the vehicle changed to green and the sound system played woodland noises – a truly phenomenal feature.


Our all-wheel-drive EQS 450 4Matic was equipped with the standard electric drive train on the rear axle plus one on the front, with the Torque Shift function intelligently and continuously distributing the drive torque between the two. Both electric motors are permanently excited synchronous motors (PSM), receiving energy from a lithium-ion, 108.4kWh battery that delivers a range of up to 500km when fully charged. We found this setup to provide a responsive and smooth experience, with the artificial engine sounds proving to be almost as good as the real thing.

This surprisingly potent powertrain has a max power output of 265kW and produces 800Nm of torque. After being pressed back into our seats, we advise all would-be EQS owners not to push the accelerator too hard! This SUV is scarily fast. It does, however, come with adaptive air suspension, a remarkable braking system and no less than five driving modes to ensure a comfortable and safe driving experience in all conditions. Furthermore, Mercedes-Benz’s inclusion of a full-suite of driver assistance features meant we travelled with absolute peace of mind.

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