Nsouli Jewellery has been turning heads since 1982, when it was founded by Atef Nsouli. The Lebanese jeweller is now based in Antwerp, Belgium. But we spoke to Dania Nsouli, the company’s Director of Marketing, at the Doha Jewellery & Watches Exhibition (DJWE) to learn more about this dazzling brand.

OHLALA – What was Atef Nsouli’s original vision?
Dania Nsouli –
Atef Nsouli’s vision was to sell diamonds and diamond jewellery that hold their value. He was interested in this aspect more than the design; he wanted to create pieces that kept their monetary worth over time. They say that diamonds are forever, and this was his motto too. To sell beautiful jewels with a timeless value that are trustworthy. And this remains true today.

OHLALA – How would you describe Nsouli Jewellery?
Dania Nsouli –
Our brand is all about exquisitely glamorous pieces to complete your look. But we don’t just design jewellery. We take unique gems and precious metals from the mine to the finger – we give customers the whole process. Because we are a manufacturing company, we have CNC machines [CNC is an acronym for Computer Numerical Control – these machines transform computerised drawings into extraordinarily precise diamond designs]. We are wholesalers and retailers. We are diamond cutters and diamond traders and we make beautiful high-end jewellery.

OHLALA – Your jewellery is remarkably varied. Can you talk us through your different ranges?
Dania Nsouli –
We have four main collections. There’s the Royal Collection, which features bridal sets for royalty, such as Grand Soleil – a stunning set that includes a diamond necklace, earrings and a ring. We also have tiaras for royal weddings or big events. Then there’s the Classical Collection; these pieces are timeless, like the Tourbillon ring, with 98 diamonds totalling 12.75 carats; it will never go out of fashion. We are well known for rare diamonds, solitaires and even precious stones like emeralds and sapphires, so we created the Rare Gem Collection; one truly unique set is Rivière Etincelle. Finally, there’s the Fashion Collection – designs that are very trendy.

OHLALA – Which pieces do you think particularly appeal to the crowds at DJWE 2023?
Dania Nsouli –
Nsouli is known for its diamonds, which are very popular. Most of what we sell here is private collections and solitaires – we have a wide variety of those. Usually, when people buy solitaires and stones, they often view the certificate without the stone. Here, we have the stones ready. There’s also a lot of interest in our bridal sets. We have these for different budgets, sizes and designs. Our range is extensive, and we aren’t just here for high-end customers. We have good quality jewellery for all budgets to suit everyone.

OHLALA – If you had to choose just three words to describe Nsouli Jewellery’s style, what would they be?
Dania Nsouli –
Forever, like diamonds. Also, trustworthy, it’s not the style; it’s all about trust at Nsouli. We have the best diamonds for the best value. And, classic. Our jewellery withstands the test of time. We create timeless designs that will last forever. We don’t go for something really edgy that won’t last.

OHLALA – What’s next for Nsouli?
Dania Nsouli –
What’s next? We are widening our offerings. We are creating a sports collection and a more fashionable line. We are expanding our brand – watch out for more.


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