OHLALA is a fan of all things Porsche and we always relish the chance to get behind the wheel of any model we can get our hands on. This month, thanks to the team at Porsche Centre Doha, we got the opportunity to test drive the new, fullyelectric 2024 Taycan Turbo S.


Our first impression of the four-door sports saloon was that it carries the unmistakable Porsche design DNA.

At the front end, the low and wide stance of the vehicle is particularly obvious. As a result of the compact drive components, the bonnet slopes down at a flat angle between two highly pronounced wings. The LED matrix headlights and the air curtains combine to form a visual unit that seems to float. The unique light signature with three-dimensional glass elements is further enhanced by the presence of four-point daytime running lights – both flatter and wider than those of any previous Porsche model.

From the sides, we admired the sculpted contours of the new Taycan, along with the steeply sloping panoramic roofline. The short overhangs at the front and rear emphasise the car’s sporty proportions, whilst the sleekly designed cabin sits on a wide body and 21-inch Mission E design wheels, both reinforcing the car’s lean and muscular look.

At the back, the drawn-in C-pillar and pronounced shoulders of the wings enhance the width of the rear. A narrow, illuminated bar stretches from one side of the back end to the other and contains the Porsche logo made of three-dimensional-shaped glass letters. Further notable rear design features include an aerodynamically efficient diffuser and a spoiler that extends in three phases depending on speed.


Slipping into the 18-way electric adaptive front sport seats, the driver-orientated nature of the tech-laden cockpit was immediately apparent. The cleanly styled dashboard is a modernised version of the one fitted in the original 1963 911. The wing-shaped upper and lower sections of the dash stretch across the entire width of the car, where they effortlessly blend into the door trims.

The instrument panel also features a clean, minimalist and ultracontemporary design, whilst the curved instrument cluster forms the highest point on the dash. All components are positioned to ensure the driver has everything required to drive the Taycan in easy view.

“The Taycan Turbo S houses two efficient electric motors, one on the front axle and one on the rear, thus making the car all-wheel drive.”

A novel inclusion in the interior is the compact direction selector switch in the instrument panel, replacing the classic lever in the previous models.

The Taycan is equipped with two-plus-two seating as standard, but you can opt for a third seating space in the back if desired. With ample room on offer in the front and a comfortable seating arrangement in the back, this sleek sports saloon is not only aesthetically pleasing but functional to boot.


The highly innovative instrument cluster houses a 16.8-inch display with a modern tablet-like appearance. The driver can select between four display modes – Power Meter, Map, Extended Map and Reduced – each focusing on different aspects of the driving experience. A passenger display is offered as an optional extra.

The elevated centre console features an additional 8.4-inch touch panel with haptic feedback. Our favourite feature of this panel was the integrated handwriting recognition that allows for the quick entry of street addresses. We also noticed that many classic hardware controls have been omitted, replaced by touch operation and voice control functions.

The colour head-up display is another great optional extra, projecting relevant information directly into the driver’s field of vision. It features several display options, including a navigation display, a power meter and a user-defined view.


The Taycan Turbo S features a robust all-wheel drive set up with dual electric motors, one powering the front wheels and the other powering the rears. The model also comes equipped with the Performance Battery Plus as standard which enables it to produce 625hp. This allows the Turbo S to accelerate from a standstill with thrillingly fast acceleration from 0 to 100km/h in 2.8 seconds flat and it also pushes up to a top speed of 260km/h.

Porsche have included a centrally networked control system for the car’s chassis that analyses and synchronises all chassis systems in realtime. Complete with adaptive air suspension featuring three-chamber technology, and four driving modes including Range, Normal, Sport and, Sport Plus, this metallic masterpiece is equipped to deliver a smooth and exciting driving experience.

The all-electric Taycan can be recharged at home with 9.6kW of alternating current (AC). When out and about, the charging time from 5% to 80% is a quick 22.5 minutes when using maximum charging power at a charging station. This equates to 100km of range in just 5.5 minutes. With a battery capacity of 93.4kWh, the model allows for a range of around 450km.

Lastly, it’s no surprise that Porsche have equipped the new Taycan Turbo S with a full suite of the latest driver assistance and safety features.

For more information or to experience a luxury test drive of your own,
please call Porsche Centre Doha on 44599 666.

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