A restored complexion was the result of Laura Morris’s treatment at Raffles Spa Doha. Read more about this tailor-made therapy.

Raffles Spa Doha: inconspicuous from the outside but inside an entirely different world. Hidden from sight on the ground floor of the main lobby, a contemporary and sophisticated space envelops guests with quiet luxury. From the moment I stepped in, I immediately felt at ease. Shelves of products from their highly respected spa partners, Dr Burgener Switzerland, Subtle Energies and marocMaroc, filled the boutique entrance as a testament to the establishment’s pursuit of quality. The elegant space has white as the predominant colour with glimmers of gold, creating a serene ambience. Walkways are lined with miniature streams that lead through a maze of countless doors and rooms, hinting at the decadence I was to experience – the Raffles Spa promise of ‘Escape. Indulge. Transform.’ was already underway.

Each treatment is offered in a standalone suite, a private area that includes everything you need from a wellness retreat. As a spa concept, this is unique in Qatar and mirrors the iconic suite concept Raffles Doha is known for. After being given a sneak peek of the soon-to-be-launched group retreat rooms, which I have to note are unbelievable in both size and quality, I was shown to the suite where my treatment took place. On entering, I felt as though I was stepping into a haven of pure luxury. Raffles knows you won’t want to leave this pocket of calm, so each suite has its own welcoming lounge, a perfect place to perch while checking in with your consultant, and a place to indulge in energising refreshments.

Moving further into the space, the fitness area welcomed me with its sleek, state-of-the-art equipment, set against mirrored walls that added a touch of modern elegance. Visitors are invited to make use of the full facilities in their suite before or after their treatment and I was not about to turn down a chance to relax prior to mine! I ventured further into the suite to find a cedar-lined sauna, which cocooned me in dry warmth. Following this, the marble steam room embraced me with a rejuvenating mist. The Jacuzzi took centre stage, a bubbling oasis of relaxation bathed in a soft, ambient glow. Before I knew it, I’d spent around an hour just exploring.

The spa offers an extensive menu of services. Following an in-depth consultation with the therapist, I opted for the Dr Burgener Switzerland Customised Facial, a signature treatment here. Every therapy is deeply personalised based on your needs and issues, so do not expect the standard treatments offered elsewhere. My therapist, Sonia, was well-versed in the qualities of the Swiss brand and the product range. She explained that before the facial treatment commenced, she would be conducting some skin tests to ensure the processes selected were well-matched to the needs of my skin. She measured the moisture, pigmentation and oil levels, and the results allowed her to tailor the facial to me uniquely. With a plan in place, my treatment began. We went for the Lifting and Firming Collagen Facial, which guarantees results after just one treatment.

A mix of eucalyptus and lavender balm signalled the start of my facial, where Sonia guided me through some breathing techniques to reap the benefits of the scent and ensure I was fully relaxed. She then began with a thorough cleanse. The Cleansing Milk had an emulsifying action and felt as smooth as silk as it caressed into my face. Paired with the Floral Toner, which was packed with plant extracts to calm and refresh my skin, this cleansing duo set the tone for an opulent treatment. A slight tingling sensation from the toner told me these products were already working their magic! At any stage of the treatment, when a product needed to be removed, a microfibre mitten, moistened and heated, was used. This is a bespoke element of the Dr Burgener Switzerland product range, and I relished the sensation each time.

Following this initial cleanse, Sonia began with the professional aesthetic system, designed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and stimulate new cell growth. She explained that it was a non-invasive skin rejuvenating technique to improve the texture and appearance. I felt only a tingling waving across my skin as the probe vibrated at a very high frequency. Before each glide across my face, I was dabbed with an arnica-based oil intended to stop any inflammation and negate any reddening. As this element of the facial focused on removing dead cells, I was told that my face may feel a little rougher in the next couple of days before revealing replenished new and vibrant skin underneath. To cool my complexion, the next step included an ultra-sound tool gently massaging my cheeks to boost natural collagen and elastin production.

The final stage of my 90-minute facial was the highly anticipated collagen lifting and boosting firming mask. Sonia rolled a sheet mask onto my face, the active ingredients of which included a marine filler as well as hyaluronic acid. When I was told its effects could be seen as soon as five to 15 minutes after the treatment, I could not wait to examine my skin! While my complexion was absorbing (or drinking in) the collagen mask, I was treated to a wonderful hand and arm massage. After one last cleanse, the final step was the application of the HA-Xpress Face Serum, designed to hydrate my skin and leave me feeling dewy and rejuvenated. The serum smelt delightful, botanic and fresh. At the very end of my treatment, I looked in the mirror and was already thrilled at the result! Sonia took the time to reassure me these benefits would continue to develop as she headed off to prepare my tea. What I wasn’t expecting here was a full afternoon tea, set in the privacy and comfort of my own suite. I was in Raffles so, of course, their Raffles Afternoon Tea was utterly glamorous, set upon a stand that replicates the iconic shape of the building. What a way to finish!

I had expected Raffles Spa Doha to be luxurious, of course, but I had not anticipated the attention to detail to ensure the entire experience was private, bespoke and sumptuous. The restorative therapies and opulent indulgent experiences on offer take personal well-being to a whole new level of bliss!

For more information or to make a booking,
please call Raffles Spa Doha on 4030 7100.

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