spa experience at Al Messila Resort & Spa

In a moment of pause, Kirsty Walker tries a personally tailored spa experience at Al Messila Resort & Spa.

On my way to Al Messila Spa reception, I am guided through 14,000sq/m of pools, fitness studios, gyms, saunas and treatment rooms at Al Messila, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, Doha. I’m seriously impressed.

Tucked away behind the city buzz, it’s hard to spot until you pass through the stone entrance arches to this beautiful property. A retreat paradise that awakes my senses with its sophisticated yet calming and relaxing atmosphere.

The reception staff and spa manager give me a warm welcome and they take me on a discovery walk of the spa. We wander through stunning marble corridors and sunlit atriums with comfortable full-length recliners. We pass therapy pools, rows of mosaic-tiled foot spas and beautiful hammam enclaves.

We enter ‘The Worlds’, split into four distinct ‘hydro-wellness’ areas: Oriental, Mystic, Mineral and Floral. It’s an incredible concept and each world is unique in its design. I step briefly into the Floral world and find rainforest showers, flotation tanks and oxygen rooms, all decorated with lush greenery and bathed in rich green light.

We arrive at my treatment room and my therapist is there to greet me. Walking in feels like entering the presidential suite of a top-class retreat. I have my own bathroom, steam room, and sofas. There are two treatment beds and a gleaming, bubble-filled bathtub takes centre stage. Next to it lays a handwritten note: “Welcome, Ms Kirsty”. Despite its size, the room feels very personal. And it’s mine for the next two hours.

spa experience at Al Messila Resort & Spa

After steam-cleansing my lungs of the city air, I shower and hop into the soft pink glow of the bathtub for a sensational soak. Bliss. I’m ready for my treatment!

First up is a 30-minute body exfoliation using a Gold Rejuvenating Body Polish. The scrub is made from sea salt and shea butter, with crushed 24-carat gold and vitamin C. The gold, my therapist explains, has antiinflammatory properties and promotes cell renewal. Now, I’m a sucker for ‘good’ pain, like the pain you get from an authentic Thai massage, or when your muscles ache after a tough workout… and my body scrub is no exception. It’s a satisfying 30 minutes, all the while knowing my skin will gleam and sparkle afterwards. Even better, my skin is smooth as silk and a subtle sprinkle of gold shimmers on its surface.

After showering and wrapping myself in one of the spa’s beautifully plush dressing gowns, I hop onto a second treatment bed and my 60-minute, 24-carat Gold Hot-Stone Massage starts. If it sounds opulent, that’s because it is.

Why gold stones and not regular volcanic stones? Gold is softer and retains heat for longer, allowing the warmth to penetrate your body more effectively. Sceptical at first, my doubts quickly melt away as I can feel the difference. With my body slipping into deep relaxation, I notice soft piano music floating across the room. The therapist smooths the steaming gold across my back and upper arms. Her work is seamless and incredibly soothing. The floral and lavender notes from the massage oil both refresh and relax me. With my eyes closed and my mind drifting on a cloud, she works her professional magic until my time is up.

Large doesn’t always equate to lavish. But 14,000sq/m of meticulously planned and beautifully designed space, combined with a world-class, personalised and customer-centric approach, means the creators of Al Messila Resort & Spa successfully challenge the aphorism. It’s a breathtaking place and another world to experience. What are you waiting for?

spa experience at Al Messila Resort & Spa

For more information or to book an appointment, please call Al Messila Spa at Al Messila, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, Doha on 4445 1916.

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